Tips To Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Increase Google Adsense earning by doing effective blogging. Effective blogging means smart blogging that provide quality content for visitors. There are lots of ways to increase our Google Adsense Earnings shared by various bloggers. I tried all those ways but not get results because of less CTR (Click Through Rate) and low CPC (Click Per Cost). So today I am sharing here some new and unique blogging tips to increase Google Adsense earning.

Here are the tips to increase Google Adsense earning:

Guest Blogging:  Guest blogging help us to increase Google Adsense earning. Haven’t try it, you should try it once, it works.

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When we write post for big blogs, our post get published and promoted among the wider and smart audience. We get new targeted audience to our blog that increase chances of getting clicks on our advertisements, so will increase the CTR.

Getting traffic from different blog and audience also increase chances to get traffic from different countries that give us high CPC with clicks on our ads.

Text and Image Ads: Enable your ad units to display both text and image/rich media ad types, increases the number of ads competing to appear on your site. If you’re not already using both, simply going into the ‘My ads’ tab, and clicking on ‘Edit ad type’, next to the ad in the list. This will increase the cost per click, so even if you’re not improving the number of clicks that your website is getting, you’ll still make more money.

Ad Placement: It is hard to judge the place for the ad on own website because we look at our sites differently to how other people view them, so the best way is experiment with ad placement. I don’t like to add too many ads because I don’t want to make my website  look bad. Read to add ads below post title in blogger post.

Keywords Selection: As we know that selecting high paying keywords is the key of success. But you need to think that your competitors are also targeting the same high paying keywords. So how to beat your competitors and get high ranking on keywords?

If you are not getting high rankings, then choose low competitive keywords to get possibly the higher rankings. Target those keywords and build some quality back links. You can easily rank higher in search results with those low competitive keywords. So the trick is, choose some really high paying keywords matching to your content and add it to your paragraph in the article. Place Google Ads near to that paragraph, So, you’ll get high paying advertisements matching to your keywords.


Conclusion: There are so many things and ways but you should try these tips to increase Google Adsense earning. Surely it will help to increase your earning.